At the Cottage Winery we use the same varietal juices and processes as the commercial wineries. The biggest difference is that you can produce it at a fraction of the retail price and with a minimal amount of time investment.

You just need to be present to start the wine, which takes about 10 minutes, and then return in four to six weeks when it's ready to be bottled, which takes only 30 minutes with our automatic filling system. This includes corking, labeling and topping with a shrink cap to make a quality presentation.

The Cottage Winery does the rest:  fermenting, racking, clearing and filtering your wine to ensure you get the enjoyment and pride of serving a unique and quality wine.

Our wines have been awarded a total of 53 medals in the Winemaker Magazine International Competition. 

The largest amateur wine making competition in the world with between 3500-4500 wines entered each year!

Craft wine making at a fraction of retail

Wine in Muskoka